Sermon Series:

Know What You Sing

The Lord is Good ~ How and Why?

Jewish tradition called for the singing of “The Egyptian Hallel” at the close of the Passover or Seder. That collection is Psalm 113-188, meaning these themes were on our Savior’s mind as He left the upper room. What can we learn about the inner life of Jesus from this Psalm, explaining the source of God’s eternal mercy to us?

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The One Thing That Is All Things

Does God mind, in our prayers, when we ask Him for “just one [more] thing” … and that becomes a long list of things?! David leads us well here, as long as we recognize, at the end of that list is our desire for God Himself. Ponder why John Bunyan and his “Pilgrim” loved this Psalm too.

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God’s Twin Books of Truth

Psalm 19 features the twin books of revelation through which God makes Himself known to mankind. Both are glorious, one is of higher priority in our fallen world, but they are ultimately in agreement.

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